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Transfer service for your excursions from the major Italian's ports of call

We are your transfer service for your excursions from the major Italian's ports of call, specialized in providing cruise ship passengers with private sightseeing tours, port transfers and extended pre-cruise and post-cruise trips wherever you want in Italy.

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Private Airport Transfer

Transfer service from Ciampino and Fiumicino Airport with the major comfort and punctuality. We offer all our experience for your transfer from Airport to Rome wiht car / van.

Private Port Transfer

We offer you Car rental system from Port and Airport to your destiny. An excellent service for holiday trips, Rome Private Service ensures punctuality and comfort to its customers.

Shuttle Services

The Civitavecchia Shuttle Service is allowed to get right up to the cruise ship and enables you to quickly reach the desired destination. The service is economical, type door-to-door and professional.

Rome Tour

Discover the Beauty and History of Rome with your own driver: we aim to be a high quality tour company in the country of cultural travel, fashion, gourmet food, fine wines, and stunning landscapes...

Car transfer Civitavecchia is available for the customers to make the journey comfortable. Providing the utmost level of satisfaction to customers is extremely important. It is important that the journey of a customer is enjoyable, which is now possible as CIVITAVECCHIA CRUISE TRANSFER is offering car service from Civitavecchia port to Rome.

Civitavecchia Port

Civitavecchia Port is a cruise ship port as well along with ferries. Located at 80 km North West of Rome, Civitavecchia Port is a town of medium size. It would take an hour drive to travel from Civitavecchia Port to Rome. Some people book their flight from Rome’s airport, which is why they need the Civitavecchia transfer services. The most economical way of traveling would be a train; however, it can be quite complicated with luggage and would be time-consuming as well especially for the first time travelers or passengers who have little kids, it would be quite difficult to manage the journey with so much luggage in hand. It is important to keep in mind that there is no direct public access available for the cruise ships as there is an option to take shuttle buses or there are licensed cab companies, which are quite few and would assist in traveling. These few companies have a special license and local cabs on the railway station do not have this special license.


Rome is the capital of Italy and is quite famous around the world. There are famous quotes on Rome as well such as “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” People from different corners of the world aspire to see Rome and for some people, it would be their dream destination. This place is amazing and full of life. It is a pure and perfect reflection of historical architecture, which gives a glimpse of how people would be in the past. It appears that despite the modern civilization and advancement in the field of information technology, Rome still shines as an interesting place, which is rich in historical architecture and has breathtaking places, which can make a person wonder about Rome. The smallest country in the world is Vatican City and it is located within Rome, which is an amazing example of a country within a city. Many people belonging to famous industries were part of Rome. Rome has acquired the status of a global city.

Traveling in Rome

When deciding to see Rome, it is important to make some bookings in advance. Civitavecchia transfers from the cruise are important because Civitavecchia port is quite far from Rome. A train would take anywhere between 40 minutes to 80 minutes depending on whether the traveler is taking a local train or the express one. Hence, Civitavecchia transfer from cruise would become smooth with a car or shuttle service. Transfer to Civitavecchia is now possible thanks to Civitavecchia Cruise Transfer. Some people would prefer services between the airport of Rome and Civitavecchia as they might have a flight to catch. There are three options available to the traveler in this instance, they can take a train, and initially, there would be a shuttle train. The traveler would have to take the connector train after that. This option would be quite cheap; however, it is going to be complicated and time consuming for a traveler especially for people who are visiting this place for the very first time in their life. It can consume about 90 minutes to 120 hours of their time. This entire journey would be more complicated with luggage as the traveler has to walk for 15 minutes as well. The next option available for a person is the taxi, which is extremely expensive. It is going to take a lot of money to travel in the taxi, which is why it would be better to avoid this option if someone has a very limited or affordable budget. There is an option of booking a private car as well, which in comparison with taxi would be affordable. It is wise to do the bookings in advance.

Car service from Civitavecchia Port to Rome

Following services would be available for the travelers: -A car service would be available for passengers taking them from Civitavecchia Port to Rome or from Rome to Civitavecchia Port. Loading and unloading from cruise ships would thus be manageable as there would be a service of excellent quality for the amazing customers. Comfort is above everything else when it comes to traveling and visiting different places in the world, which is why smart people would select the smartest services. -There would be limousine or new generation minivan depending on the preference of customer providing them private service transportation. -The shared shuttle is also available, which would be budget friendly and economical. Thus, when traveling with family luxury minivans 8 + 1 seats, would be ideal. It is important to make a perfect selection keeping in view preferences and budget. Valuing customers is the ultimate priority of a good company as the customer is the King, which needs utmost attention and high-quality service. -Providing pick up and drop off services from or to the cruise ship. Taking care of the needs of clients is the utmost priority as it is important that a traveler returns repeatedly to this amazing destination of the world. Final Words Make the most of this visit by visiting various locations. Do not forget to see Colosseum one of the most amazing wonders of the world, which was built between 70-80 AD. Visiting Rome is a dream destination for many people and with cruises, it would be much more interesting; however, it would be wise to hire a private or shared shuttle service depending on the preference and budget, which would make the entire journey comfortable. Traveling in a private car or shared shuttle with family would be an experience in itself as there would be high-quality services taking care of the punctuality, providing a high level of satisfaction to the customers who are visiting Rome for the very first time and even those who visit on regular basis.

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